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Close Call!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

gate doorWe try so hard to be sure the bulldogs are kept apart – literally – from our other two older dogs.  There is a gate in the hall, complete with a little door so that our golden girls, Rosie and Daisy, can come through.  Most days, my flower pups (get it…Rosie, Daisy) spend the day napping on down and fleece in our back bedroom.  Unfortunately there is no outside access, so the daily potty routine needs to be maintained.  In order to let the older girls out, we need to put the bullies in their beds and distract them with a bone or toy.  When they are safely stowed, we unlock the little door in the hall gate and call the others out to the backyard.  Once potty time is complete, they waddle back to their cozy nap spots and we lock the gate.  Next we remove the yummy treat from each bully, but make them stay in their beds for another 5-10 minutes.  If we let them out immediately, Zo goes over to Abby’s bed to investigate any leftover crumbs or smells.  Abby will rush to the gate to catch a glimpse of the other two as they round the corner.  The best defense is avoidance.

zoey devil graphicThis routine is tedious and a constant reminder that our pack is divided.  Plus it is a pain in the ass to climb over the gate every time we go to the back of the house.  Unfortunately we are stuck with it for the immediate future.  If it were not for the gate, Zoey would find her way to the old dog turf and have her own personal rampage.  The little Devil.

Imagine my horror when I come home to find out Zozo was found napping back on our bed.  My first thought is for the safety of Rosie and Daisy.  Remember that Zoey eats other dogs these days.  We have barely caught up with the vet bills for the UC Davis specialists (think the cost of a Hawaiian vacation – cha-ching.)   I’m sure Jen was concerned at the time, but by the time I arrived home she was all smiles.  She seemed almost happy that Zo got into forbidden territory.  When I asked her what the hell was so amusing, she said that she found Zoey sleeping up on our bed while Rosie and Daisy were down in their snuggly beds.  WTF?  WHO left the gate opened and put my old girls in harm’s way?  WHAT on earth caused this lapse in judgment? WHEN did Zo get through and how long has she been in there?  WHERE were the humans who are supposed to prevent these scenarios? WHY did she not care about Rosie letting out little barks at her? Finally, HOW did Zoey get up to the top of the bed?

Once I calmed down and checked my girls for lacerations and torn flesh, I was able to stop and listen to why Jen was so happy.  While it could have been catastrophic, in the end Zoey did not dine on my other two old ladies.  Is this a good sign?  Certainly not a reliable one in my opinion.  I bet Zo was busy scouring the nightstands for cough drops, used Q-tips, or ear buds to chew.

abby angel graphic

All the while my sweet Angel Abby was minding her own business in the appropriate part of the house…

Doggie delicies

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

I am not sure if this tops the tobasco covered nugget experiences, but I will gross you out anyway…


We all know by now that both dogs are very food motivated – especially Zoey.  She will run to the kitchen at the sound of the slightest object hitting the floor.

dog pukeWell now she has branched out from cereal crumbs, to grumpies in the yard, and now puke.  Yes, puke, vomit, barf, hurl, blow chunks, you name it.

The provider of this new delicacy is none other than Miss Abby.  Often times Abby eats quickly and starts a gagging reaction.  It is common in smooshy face breeds.  Usually she calms down and she stops on her own fine.

Recently she has gotten so worked up in her reflex that she pukes it up.  The first time we cleaned it and on we went.  Then Zoey smelled the recently swallowed high end dog food.  Dessert!

Now any time poor Abby makes that sound, Zoey is right there to get her pukey treat.  That has made Abby think it is something worth getting so she is now super speedy to recycle it.

Of course this leads to a fight, as does any food item.  So what to do?  Let Abby have it because it was HER dinner, and she now has an empty belly?  Let Alpha Zoey have it because she is queen bee and should be entitled to any food item first?  Is it even still considered a “food item” if it was previously swallowed.?

Alas, no Frenchie smooches from anyone after feeding time – just in case…