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Piddles & Poops & Gas … oh my!

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

The good news is the girls slept all night, or at least let us sleep.

The bad news is their loose poops left big piles in their pen this morning.  Of course they were excited to see us round the corner, but not smart enough to avoid the land mines.  Nothing like the scent of puppy poopies to jump start your day.

That is, until we got a whiff of the somewhat constant gas they keep passing.

New plan for tomorrow morning:  Jen to scoop them up to their outside pen (they were good about their potty times outside today) while I get to clean up whatever mess they made and prepare the food.

Speaking of smell – does all can/wet dog food smell so bad?  Not like I was expecting lavender or vanilla, but c’mon.  This stuff smells as bad as what is coming out.

Alas, it is all worth it for the puppy smooches and snuggles and watching them play.

Did I mention they LOVE their toys?   Some of the toys are bigger than they are!

web Zoey toy 080309web Abby toy2 080309









 And apparently my toes too…

web Abby toes 080309