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Birthday Celebration!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

birthday girls blogI can hardly believe the girls are a year old already.  To commemorate this important milestone, we had a little celebration for them in the back yard.  Have a look as the festivities… 

Abby felt so much better with the hat off, now for the ribbons...

Abby was not feeling the hat that day, but at least she was festive in her ribbons

Zoey did better with the balloons than Abby

Zoey did better with the hat, but tried to eat her ribbons


cake blogJen made them a cake, which brought back painful memories of wisdom teeth extractions and Gerber stage 1 puree beef and chicken.   The icing was cream cheese with shavings of dog treats on the top. 


We even had guests!  Rosie ventured out from her bedroom hide-a-way to be tortured by a party hat. 

I bet she is thinking she is too old for a party hat

I bet she is thinking she is too old for a party hat

Given she is the only dog with a snout, a profile pic was in order

Given she is the only dog with a snout, a profile pic was in order









Daisy was fluffy as ever and even had a bit of a “wardrobe malfunction” when she tried to run in the hat. 

Simiply adorable!

Simiply adorable!

Normally I can see past my nose

Normally I can see past my nose











ricky bday blog2So as not to be discriminatory to our feline friends,  Ricky was representing in his lounging style, complete with hat also.



The good part of the whole thing, nobody fought!  Okay okay, we cheated and took  pictures separately.  But at least nobody got the runs from the cake…

Good thing they are cute…

Friday, May 21st, 2010

bathtub sad eyesMaybe it is those big sad eyes, or the excess of skin that make the girls so endearing.  Family and friends nearby who have been following our struggles will often say something along the lines of “awww how can you be mad at them when they are so cute?”

Yes, they are cute.  Adorable most of the time.  But there are times they are less than adorable.  This morning would have been one of those times.

I was on my way out the door to work, running late.  After I went through the feeding routine, I let the girls out of their beds to go out back to potty.  I no sooner had my handle on the front door when I heard the tell-tale snarling and fighting coming form the yard.  Good thing the windows were open or I may not have known they are full-on fighting. 

What were they fighting over, you ask?


Yes, they BOTH now race out to the yard looking for an after breakfast nibble.  The logical person in me knows they are not hungry because they just ate a good sized bowl of food. 

It seems they both honed in on something fairly fresh from one of the other dogs.  I was able to get out there and pull them apart, but not after they managed to step in the post breakfast goodie while they were fighting over it.

pull hair outI have been assured they do NOT need any more food.  They are not going after it because they are hungry.  So what gives?

On the bright side – as proclaimed by the kids who pick up the nibbles before lawn mowing – there seems to be less to scoop.

What a way to start a Friday…