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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

little miss stubborn1Abby is making this so hard on herself! She is taking her sweet time to submit to Zoey’s authority. Heck, I would be pleased if she would submit 1/4 of the time. Instead she is disregarding the warning looks and growls from Zozo and holding her ground. Little Miss Stubborn fits her perfectly.

We are being very consistent about giving preference to Zoey in all things desirable. She is fed first, let out of her bed first, petted first, invited to the couch or lap first, attention first, snuggles first, etc. Abby seems to be better at sitting and “waiting her turn” for the attention. The part she is not so bright about is backing down when there is a toy or prime sofa seating involved.

dog jailI think I should rethink her spring wardrobe. We were taking her to “jail” multiple times a day to the small dark hall bathroom. Problem is that Zoey would be waiting at the doggy fence for her to come back and the rumble would still be on. We have to have the gate there because it keeps the Frenchies from terrorizing the other two dogs who seem to live their existence in the back bedroom. That is another issue…

In my attempt to get in Queenie’s square little head, I am thinking she perceived me *carrying* Abby to the “other side” of the house as preference. That is area that is off limits to Zozo. The new plan is to walk Abby out to a small dark plastic kennel in the garage. It is covered by a blanket for darkness and isolation. This was working well for our jailbird until we realized that Zozo would wait at the door for her to come back and rumble more. Grrrr!

bright ideaPutting on my Queen Zoey hat to analyze the dillema sparked another brilliant thought. We were doing training exercises with Zozo and the super yummy treats in the garage so that Abby could be trained in the living room, out of sight. So now Zozo must think that Abby is out there getting treats! We are out of options for jail locations – so we are going to have to find a new spot for Zozo training drills. Thank goodness the weather is improving because we will have to take her on the porch at this rate.

little miss stubborn2This would be so much easier if Abby would suck it up and let her natural pack instincts prevail. Instead she is being stubborn and bitchy. No wonder she gravitates towards me as her mom, where as tv-watching sofa lounging Queenie does not. Hmmmm…..


Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

 No, I am not talking about the big headed clown who sells greasy burgers. I am thinking of that toy that scared the beegeebers out of me as a kid. You know the one, you wind the handle while the annoying little ditty plays in your head:

“Round and round the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel, the monkey though it was so much fun, POP goes the weasel” 

I am not even sure, to this day, what horrific subliminal messages that song put into our tender innocent brains. The part that scared me the most was the anticipation and then the POP with the ugly clown head jumping out at me. It still gives me shivers to this day. Likely the deep rooted reason I detest clowns – and do not go to Jack for burgers.

Thankfully this Abby-in-the-Box is cute and friendly and gives kisses

Abby box1

Abby box2




We feed and bed the girls separately now (mostly due to size, but also to minimize the conflicts around food). Once the girls are zipped in, we open the top to put the food in. Here is another sign of how much they have grown. Now they can stand up and enjoy their own personal sun roof.