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Pooch Parade & Street Fair

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Last night we took the girls to downtown Pleasanton for the First Wednesday Street Fair.  This is a summer event put on by the local downtown association to bring local non-profits, ratilers, and community together.  The main street is closed off and booths are set up down the middle of the street with various food, crafts, information, and retail to share.

The August event featured a Pooch Parade.  Needless to say we could not register the girls this year, for they are far too small and cannot yet be around other dogs.  Too bad because I am sure they would have won some award for the most adorable or smallest entry.

We did stand on the side lines holding the babies.  This was our mistake because nearly everyone slowed – or stopped – to “awwww” and fawn over them.  We were a Pooch Parade traffic disturbance!

The girls were pooped by the end of the night, but it was good for them to be around the different sights and sounds and smells.  Plus we had a lot of snuggle time since they had to be in our arms the whole time.