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Vet Checkup – 9 weeks

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

The girls had a big day.  Aside from lots of playtime in the huge pen we now have in the back yard, they also had an outing to the vet.  It was a good visit because they had no needle pokes this time.  We go back in 3 weeks for their next round of DHLPP shots.  They will need one more DHLPP and their Rabies at 16 weeks – then we are good to go to the park and other public places.  We were supposed to bring in a fecal sample, which I forgot at home.  Lucky for us I guess Abby provided a very fresh one on the exam room floor.  Vet will check for any worms or parasites, neither of which we are anticipating although we are told it is very common.

Both girls checked out in perfect health.  Abby my petite little peanut weighed in at 4lbs 15oz.  Zoey the porker tipped the scale at 5lbs 10oz. 

Will be interesting to see how much they gain in the coming weeks. 

I will leave you with their tubby backsides as they try to find food in Rosie’s bowl…


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