On July 31st of last year, 99 posts ago, I started this adventure into blogging.  What began as a place to share stories and cute puppy pictures with family and friends has evolved into an informational resource on Frenchies – along with the cute puppy pictures.

I remember searching the web for any and all information about the breed while we waited patiently for our girls to be old enough to come home.  It was through these Frenchie blog searches that I learned the important things that my vet and breeder did not share.  In turn, I want to be able to share our experiences with new or prospective owners so they can get off to a good start. 

As for cute pictures, I really liked looking at those.  When we went through a period where Zoey’s ears did not stand, I was always searching for pictures of pups the same age for comparison.  The information share was very useful while the pictures were so much fun. 

So on this occasion of my 100th post, I will share some pictures of our girls over this past year.  Thank you all for your support of this site and kind words.  I look forward to the next 100 posts!


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  1. Hannah Says:

    Diane- Checked out your blog… very cute pictures! One of my springer spaniels had separation anxiety and continues to have very mild fear aggression. He was on prozac for a bit (7 years ago) and I didn’t think it made a difference (it was prescribed for the sep. anxiety.) The extent of his fear aggression is growling at other dogs, humping small dogs… actually will be wagging his tail to play while showing his teeth but he has never fought or bitten anything.


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