Simple Pleasures

Oh my these girls have two modes:  off (as in asleep) and on (as in running full tilt).

When they are awake, they seem to lose interest in the fun and colorful toys we have but gravitate toward the simpler things.  Toes.  Flip flops.  Baby wipes.

web tissue shred1web tussue tug








Empty plastic bottles are becoming a favorite also.  Nothing fuzzy or colorful or particularily interesting.  Although they roll around and make a loud noise when bit or stepped on…

web bottle1 080709web bottle2 080709








At least with the obnoxiously bright and squeeky toys, I can see them more easily and hear them when stepped on.  My luck, the clear plastic bottle will roll underfoot and be my undoing.  As long as I don’t fall on one of the babies on the way down…

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