Raindrops keep falling…

…on my prissy dogs.

Radar Map RainfallC’mon girls. You are BULLDOGS. One would think that a little rain would not be the end all for these butchy little dumplings. Heck, with all that extra skin and rolls, I doubt they are even feeling too wet yet. But alas, I had to CARRY each one out individually this morning and deposit them under the hammock so they can tinkle under cover. (Cesar Millan would scold me for being a bad Pack Leader for sure!) Doesn’t seem to matter that I am standing out there in the rain waiting for the eventual tinkle. dog rainAfter they each finished with the potty under the hammock, they decided that the rain wasn’t so bad and went to the other end of the yard for their big jobs. Thank the rain gods they did that so I wouldn’t have to clean up poop mess in the house.  Perhaps I will have to invest in a raincoat for the dumplings.  One thing is for sure, I am thinking rain is not beneficial for potty training!

Not sure yet how they are handling the rain as far as morning play time. I bet they are cooped up in the house driving Jen crazy.

maxineOne thing I am sure of, my little Princess Daisy (who got a haircut yesterday and is likely feeling the raindrops since her fluff was shaved off) will avoid the outside at all cost today. She is way too prissy to get her feet wet. Knowing her, she will pee and poop inside rather than be a dog and do her business while getting rained on. I swear she is a grouchy old lady in a fur coat.



Daisy October 2009 haircut 2

Thank goodness Rosie is a somewhat normal dog. She will go out to do her business and then come in and sleep all afternoon.

What a life

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