Keeping Warm

The girls have discovered another way to maximize their lounging time during the dark winter months.  Behold the magic of the fireplace… AZ Fireplace 1

At first they were not so sure about the light and crackling emitting form this previously dark and fenced off area of their living room.  Zoey got really close to the screen and tried to lick it a few times (which has left us with the “clean” areas on the dusty mesh).  Abby once had a memorable run-in with the fireplace tools which resulted in a lot of barking and a general avoidance of the area by both dogs for a few weeks.  I believe Abby (or maybe the cat?) knocked over the holder and all the wrought iron tools made an incredibly loud clatter on the hard floor.  I have never seen the girls so freaked out.  After they ran like hell, they came back really irritated.  We left the tools tipped over so the girls could investigate on their own terms and realize the poker and brush were not coming after them.  The tools have been standing quietly on the corner of the hearth for months now. AZ Fireplace 2

Given our previous tool drama, I was hesitant to poke at the log the first time.  I did not want to trigger something in them now, while they are already in a fear/aggressive stage.  Lucky for me they seemed oblivious. AZ fireplace 3

Eventually they settled down on a towel and had a snooze.  It was really cute to see them snuggled together, chin on hearth, with Zoey’s snoring in the background.  One thing I have learned about Frenchies, they play hard for moderate spurts of time – and then rest quite deeply until it is time to do it all again.

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