Weight update

The dumplings went in today for a nail trim and weight check.  We have been told that Zoey, especially,  is at a good weight now.  They have put on almost 4lbs in 2 months.  Time to taper back some of their food.

Here is a reminder of where we started:

girls 3 weeks phone

Here they are 3 weeks old, weighing under 2lbs each










A&Z 13 weeks 01Here they are about 3 months and under 10 lbs








Today Zoey tipped the scales at 21.5 lbs!

Zoey 011810


Dainty Abby came in at a little over 20lbs…

Abby 011810

Bulldog snuggles are so fun, but now they are an armfull!

Bulldog Snuggle

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