Taking over

When you walk into our home most days, it is very evident that we have animals – lots of them.  There is a puppy “toy box” in the front office area which holds a ton of stuffed animals, rubber squeekers and synthetic bones. At night I toss everything in the box, only to have the dumplings pull it all out by the time I come home at noon for lunch. 

Rounding the corner to the living room you will see two round beds and fleece snuggly blankets in front of the fire place, steps leading up to a chair, and a blanket protecting the couch from dog hair.

The set of key hooks on the wall is over run by leashes and harnesses, with a few keys off to the side for good measure.  There are two canvass cubes on top of my computer armoire which hold their clothes, brushes, clippers, and spare toys (as if they don’t have enough).

There are very few spaces that are “puppy proof” in the house.  These spaces are where I would put my purse or my bag of knitting.  One of these safe spots was my desk chair. As long as there was nothing hanging down that they could pull, my aubergine coach pebbled leather was safe.

Until now…

It seems the little dumpling, even dainty Abby, can now jump in our desk chairs.  Jen’s is lower to the ground so it was the first they mastered.  Now they can get on my taller chair too.  This means that I have not only lost my safe spot on the chair, but it opens up a whole new world of delights to them as they try to eat everything on my desk!  Binder clips, pens, gum wrappers, etc.  I am lucky that my desk will close.  Jen is not so lucky.

Just because I like seeing how much bigger they are in similar photo ops, I have merged a picture of each dumpling in the same desk chair at both 4 and 8 months.

Look at where their heads are relative to the arms of the chair…

Abby desk chair 4 and 8 mos smaller copy

What a big girl...!


Zoey desk chair 4 and 8 mos smaller copy

Aww back when she had cute floppy ears

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