Canine Conjunctivitis

Yes, Pink Eye.  Who knew dogs could get it too?  We were on vacation for a week and came home to this:

Canine conjunctivitis, sometimes called pink eye, is an infection of the conjuntiva, which is the tissue coating the eye and lining the eyelids. It can be caused by a number of things, including viral infections, bacterial infections, allergy, a foreign object in the eye, corneal diseases, and disorders of the tear ducts.  

Symptoms of canine conjunctivitis include a pinkish colored eyeball, inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes around the eye, and discharge from the eye. Your dog may blink his eyes excessively or may have trouble blinking normally. He may squint or have trouble opening his eye all the way.  Because conjunctivitis causes dogs to be more sensitive to the light, you dog may prefer to stay inside. He may start sleeping more during the daytime.

Conjunctivitis can cause the eye to feel irritated or itchy, so your dog may rub his face against furniture or the floor, trying to relive the discomfort. He may also paw at his face. Conjunctivitis does not affect your dog’s ability to see.

I can attest that Zoey has all of these symptoms.  I know how irritating pink eye is from my own experience.  While the perk of buying all new eye makeup lessens the blow slightly, it is still horrible to live with during treatment.  I can only imagine what a big bug eyed pup must feel without the opportunity to lay with an ice mask over the eyes or a warm washcloth to melt away the morning gunk. 

Zoey-eye-bite1Some may recall the run-in with the wasp when she was much younger.  ( At least she had one good eye to see out of for the day it took the swelling to go down.  Now the little stinker is rubbing her face on anything she can and spending a lot of time on the couch or in a lap.  She clearly doesn’t feel well.  Abby tries to comfort her big sister (or so I like to imagine) and licks at her eyes.  This tender exchange may seem sweet, but I am sure it does not feel good (or taste good to Abby) and can cause more trouble.  

zoey pink eye medsWe took her yesterday to the vet who confirmed our self-diagnosis and gave us some antibiotic ointment to put in each eye.  It is almost as fun as giving a cat a pill.  Zoey is already grouchy with sore goopy eyes, and now she has to sit for us to put more thick goop medicine in both eyes. 

Poor baby, look how unhappy she is…and she could care less about new mascara.

zoey pink eye


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