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Happy Pills

Friday, June 18th, 2010

az prozacI feel so bad for Miss Abby.  She suffers from fear/anxiety aggression which makes her on edge virtually ALL the time.  We had her on a low dose of Prozac, which was helping.  When we first started her on the meds, I did not notice much of a difference.  She seemed like the same pup, just less tense. 

A few weeks ago we found that both pup’s liver values were high.  We go back to UC Davis today for another liver test to see if there are bigger issues.  One thing we had to do was take Abby off her Happy Pill.  This will give the vet a true representation of her liver health. 

I can’t tell you how anxious I am to get her back on her meds.  I may bring one in my pocket and give it to her as soon as they pull the blood draw.  She has been a wreck since getting off the prozac.  She is scared and aggressive again, which is causing the fights between the girls.  It feels like we have undone all the progress we were making in curbing their fighting.  Needless to say, I certainly did not realize how well the meds were working until we stopped them!

So today we load the pups in the car for the 90 minute drive to see their behaviorist.  Hopefully we get good news on the liver values.  Then we can get back on track with their training, with the aid of a little happy pill.

Abby vs. Plastic, Round One

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Living with bulldogs is not all fun and games.  Yes they are cute as hell, with their big sad eyes and tubby tummies.  There are sides of them that not so cute though…

Take Abby for today’s example.  She is going through her frantic fear period.  It seems the most innocent objects scare her and cause a barking fit.  Many times these are objects that have been part of her daily life since 9 weeks old.  For example, she decided the plastic insert for the doggy-door  was the devil incarnate last week. 

Abby vs plastic1She had a faceoff with the gray plastic rectangle that consisted of her barking at it (at a range of about 2 inches away) until Jen pulled her off after a 20 minute assault.  During this scolding, the plastic quietly stood there and took it.  What could it do after all, it is plastic.  Abby barked and pawed at it, not sure why, until she was shaking and exhausted.  Today that same offending gray plastic is in the same place yet causes no issue.  Just for kicks and giggles, I moved the plastic and it caused no distraction.  Perhaps the naughty plastic learned its lesson.

Abby vs plastic2 Score:  Abby – 1, Plastic – 0