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Doggie delicies

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

I am not sure if this tops the tobasco covered nugget experiences, but I will gross you out anyway…


We all know by now that both dogs are very food motivated – especially Zoey.  She will run to the kitchen at the sound of the slightest object hitting the floor.

dog pukeWell now she has branched out from cereal crumbs, to grumpies in the yard, and now puke.  Yes, puke, vomit, barf, hurl, blow chunks, you name it.

The provider of this new delicacy is none other than Miss Abby.  Often times Abby eats quickly and starts a gagging reaction.  It is common in smooshy face breeds.  Usually she calms down and she stops on her own fine.

Recently she has gotten so worked up in her reflex that she pukes it up.  The first time we cleaned it and on we went.  Then Zoey smelled the recently swallowed high end dog food.  Dessert!

Now any time poor Abby makes that sound, Zoey is right there to get her pukey treat.  That has made Abby think it is something worth getting so she is now super speedy to recycle it.

Of course this leads to a fight, as does any food item.  So what to do?  Let Abby have it because it was HER dinner, and she now has an empty belly?  Let Alpha Zoey have it because she is queen bee and should be entitled to any food item first?  Is it even still considered a “food item” if it was previously swallowed.?

Alas, no Frenchie smooches from anyone after feeding time – just in case…

The Gas We Pass

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Gas We PassThis was a favorite book of both my kids many years ago. It makes light of the basic bodily function that we all experience – flatulence. Farts. Toots. Break wind. Cut the cheese. Rip one. You get my point.

The book shares with kids that it is natural to pass gas. Animals do it. People do it. And let me tell you – bulldogs do it exponentially.

The following from an internet blog gives you an idea of the magnitude of bulldog flatulence:

“I have often thought that if you could capture a bulldog fart and put it in an aerosol can that you would have the ultimate self defense weapon. Imagine whipping out your can of BARFS (Bulldog Aerosol Farts Spray) and telling a mugger “I have a bulldog fart here and I am not afraid to use it”. The sheer terror it would strike in the hearts of bad guys would be the only deterrent you would ever need. Of course it would probably be so effective that the government would want to regulate it and you would have to apply for a CBF (Concealed Bulldog Fart) permit to be able to carry it. But I digress.”

toot1As you can imagine, living with one gassy bulldog is a challenge. We are blessed with double exposure. It does not matter that they are girls. Their farts are gender neutral. There is nothing feminine or proper about those little tushy excretions.

They stink. Period.

The unpleasant aroma lingers heavy in the air. Fancy “air neutralizer spray” only makes it smell like perfumed poo. We have them on grain-free natural ingredient (read: expensive) food that is supposed to lessen the intensity of their gas.

toot2I have to ponder… if this is the reduced impact gas, I can’t imagine them ripping the fully leaded variety.

Now I understand where the concept of “blame it on the dog” originates. It must have started with a bulldog.

Opening the window for fresh air…