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Good thing they are cute…

Friday, May 21st, 2010

bathtub sad eyesMaybe it is those big sad eyes, or the excess of skin that make the girls so endearing.  Family and friends nearby who have been following our struggles will often say something along the lines of “awww how can you be mad at them when they are so cute?”

Yes, they are cute.  Adorable most of the time.  But there are times they are less than adorable.  This morning would have been one of those times.

I was on my way out the door to work, running late.  After I went through the feeding routine, I let the girls out of their beds to go out back to potty.  I no sooner had my handle on the front door when I heard the tell-tale snarling and fighting coming form the yard.  Good thing the windows were open or I may not have known they are full-on fighting. 

What were they fighting over, you ask?


Yes, they BOTH now race out to the yard looking for an after breakfast nibble.  The logical person in me knows they are not hungry because they just ate a good sized bowl of food. 

It seems they both honed in on something fairly fresh from one of the other dogs.  I was able to get out there and pull them apart, but not after they managed to step in the post breakfast goodie while they were fighting over it.

pull hair outI have been assured they do NOT need any more food.  They are not going after it because they are hungry.  So what gives?

On the bright side – as proclaimed by the kids who pick up the nibbles before lawn mowing – there seems to be less to scoop.

What a way to start a Friday…

HDTV – is it worth it?

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Any time we went  into a big box store and see the wall of giant TVs, I often wondered if all the hype about HDTV is true.  Is the picture more crisp and clear?  Does it feel real?  You might be wondering what this has to do with Abby & Zoey…

sleeping with ricky webI have mentioned before that the little dumplings are certainly sofa snugglers.  Any time we sit down to watch something, they are both up on the couch in no time.  Usually they gravitate towards our laps – but that is now something they have to “work” for and be invited, Zoey first.  If there are no humans to snuggle with, they have been known to snuggle with our cat Ricky.  sleeping with Daisy webThey even shared the couch with Daisy, before they turned into anti-social monsters.  More times than I can count we have put sleeping (and snoring in Zo’s case) dogs to bed at night from the couch.  It is sort of like carrying a sleeping child to bed when they fall asleep elsewhere.  They are heavy and groggy and would much prefer to stay on the warm fleece covered couch.


me or the dog tvWe sat down recently to watch our new favorite Animal Planet show – It’s Me or the Dog.  The trainer and show were recommended to us by our UC Davis experts as a resource and training model.  Victoria Stilwell has some very solid and logical approaches to dog training which we are incorporating into the daily routine.  The episode we turned on was one about a multi-dog house with fighting bulldogs.  Thought it would be right up our alley.  In the introductory video segment it showed a Frenchie and an English bully fighting.  Believe me, the picture was crisp and clear and our dogs felt it was very real!

me or the dog packZo was off the couch first lunging at the (expensive) TV to attack the fighting bulldogs.  Abby followed closely thereafter, just as worked up.  The problem with this is that the little dumplings will turn their focus on each other – because the TV does not fight back.

Snuggle time was certainly over and we put them to bed in their kennels.  We were able to go back and watch the episode, but we had to keep the volume very low so they would not get riled up from the other room.

I don’t know about you, but I think there is definitely something wrong with this picture when I have to listen to MY television really softly so THEY do not react.

So yes, the HDTV is very realistic.  Abby & Zozo never went after the television before the high def.

me or the dog bookMore on Victoria Stilwell and her show at these sites:  and