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Here piggy piggy piggy

Monday, June 21st, 2010

pigs on paradeAt our UC Davis appointment last Friday, both girls had another set of labs done on their liver.  We should have results today with a plan going forward.  More on that when it is available…

The interesting thing we did come away with is a weight update.  I think the last time I posted on their growth ( they were around 20 and 21lbs.

Now…  Abby is 22.4lbs and Piggy Zoey is 24.6

Time for more exercise, for everyone…


Monday, October 26th, 2009

This is my new word for the girls.  They are overflowing with energy.  They are overflowing with attitude.  They are even overflowing their cushy bed.  (Note Abby’s healing cheek from vampire sister)

A&Z 5 months overflowing bed

As for the ear status – we are still 50/50.  Zoey is sporting the lopsided look for the 3rd week or so now.  I thought she was adorable with her ears down.  I like the way she looks with her ears up.  This middle of the road time is just silly.  She looks like gumby with a slanted shaped head.

Zoey 5 months

Abby continues to embrace her new habit of sticking her tongue out.  At first I thought it was because she was missing her front teeth.  Now the teeth are in but she still pokes her tonuge out.  Wonder if this caracter feature will stick?

Abby 5 months