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5 months and growing

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

dog food bowlI can’t believe how big the girls are now. They have not been to the vet for an “official” weight, but our home scale puts Abby at 14.4lbs and Zoey at 15.4lbs.  They seem to be maintaining that 1lb difference.  Given the exuberance with which Zoey eats, one would think she would be 20+lbs by now.  She certainly won’t miss a meal, or a crumb, and the sound of the dog food container or refrigerator door can rouse her from a deep sleep. dog_pup_in_food_bag As soon as she is done with her bowl and let out of her pen, she runs to the other three locations hoping to find left over crumbs from the other dogs.  The is also my official “dog bowl cleaner” since she will continue to lick at the former contents for some time.  I have never had a more food-motivated dog, and I have experienced a few.

tooth brushBoth girls are coming along nicely getting their big girl teeth, which is lovely in that they are not as sharp.  They are both still fighting excessively, but there is less damage than with the super sharp puppy teeth.  I need to get diligent now with teeth brushing.  It is less daunting now that I won’t get pierced when I try to stick my brush-covered finger in their mouth.

We have the week off from Puppy Kindergarten due to some training for the SPCA instructors.  We will resume that next week.  In the interim we have a bit of homework and command reinforcement to do.   We are trying to walk more, just to expend some puppy energy.  With the rains recently our option for exercise at the dog park is limited by not only time availability, but mud and the sky darkening so much earlier.