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Oh crap!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


It seems that our little troublemakers pulled a doozie this time.  Apparently they found a decomposing poop bag – with its contents – and had a blast dragging it around the house. 

yuck1During the course of the melee, the bag was torn open.  Old soggy contents have now graced the better portion of the living room, dining room, and kitchen areas. 

Oh it gets better.  The little dumplings have learned it is loads of fun to run inder the sofa with forbidden items.  Usually we sweep out rocks and twigs and sticks.  Maybe an occassional sock.

yuck2Today I fear the broom will not be enough, nor will all the air freshener we can muster.

I am told the girls are currently in “time out” while the sanitizing commences.  I spared you the full size photo details since I think thumbnail images get the point across.

Funny, they don’t seem remorseful.  So tell me, how do you stay mad at these smooshy faces?

guilty 14 weeks

Busy Saturday

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Thankfully I awoke to another clean pen this morning as I hurried the girls out for morning potty time.  After breakfast and more potty time (have I told you that all they do is eat, sleep, potty and repeat?) we were treated today to play time with Rosie our Rat Terrier.  Rosie is warming up to the girls nicely and even let Zoey climb on her and wrestle today.  Video coming soon…

After all that exercise, they slept…

web sleeping 081009


Later we visited my sister’s house where they got to run around a new back yard.  Lots of play time and fresh air.  Followed by a visit to my mom’s house and introduction to Cookie, her Shih Tzu.  They are not best buds yet, but I predict Cookie will come around after a few more visits.

Must have worn them out.  The drive home was 5 minutes, but obviously enough time to lull them to sleep again…

web sleeping car 081009

I am sure there will be a day soon enough when I look back and wish they were this small and sleepy again.

Tomorrow:  eat, sleep, potty, repeat