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Immunization update

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I am pleased to report that A&Z survived their shots fine, thus far, and are not due for any immunizations for another year!

The vet elected not to pre-medicate them prior to the rabies vaccine, so that we can see and chart how they might react.  After 4 hours of observation, they were given the green light.

I think Abby is ever-s0-slightly puffy on one cheek, but not enough to panic over.  We will monitor her today and tonight and be on alert just in case.

Weight update:  Abby is now 9lb 10 oz and Zoey is a whopping 13lbs 2 oz.  They have more than doubled their size since we brought them home at 9 weeks.

More soon…

A morning at the vet

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

shotToday the girls are scheduled for their 16 week rabies shots.  After the ER visit immediately following the last set of immunizations, we are not taking any chances.  The vet wants to have the girls stay for the morning so that the techs can watch them afterwards for any reaction.  Better safe than sorry…

Given Abby had already completed three DHLPP injections with no reaction, followed by a severe reaction, there is the likelihood that she can react again easily and without any warning.  Since Zoey is from the same litter, apparently she can react at any time too.  Therefore they are guests of Parkway Vet today, and after every set of shots going forward.

Will update later today after we get them home.